Tuesday, 15 February 2011

skulduggery pleasant story 1

Skullduggery sat at the table along with ghastly, tanith, valkryie and Fletcher.
“So why are we hear” asked Fletcher
“Mr. bliss asked us to come” ghastly replied
“I know that but why?”
“If we knew Fletcher we would tell you but we don’t so shut up” valkryie shouted after that there was an eerie silence until.
“So where’s bliss then”
A bald man with pising blue eyes entered and the chatting sesed.
“I have called you all hear to tell you there will be a new edition to your team”
“What do you mean by ‘new edition?’” Fletcher enquired
“It means some on new will enter our team fleach”
“I know that but”
“Sorry carry on”
Bliss coughed and continued.
“Her name is samathie change”
“Samathie what kind of name is that”
“Your one to talk Fletcher your named after someone who makes arrows”
Bliss cleared his throat.
“May I continue”?
“Yes sorry” valkryie said and glared at Fletcher.
   “She is an adept she can change her shape” he paused “tanith may I speak with you alone”
“Ok” tanith said confused
She got up and he gestured to the adjoining room. She stepped in and waited for him he appeared at the doorway and continued.
“Tanith I have known you for a long time”
“Well I think you’re entitled to know”
She nodded
“You have a sister”
“Your sister is called” he paused “Samathie”
Tanith was stunned and tried to speak but no words came out.
“Lets go and meat her”
Bliss and tanith walked backed in to the main room to find skullduggery with his skull in his hands and valkryie and Fletcher sprawled on the floor fighting ghastly was trying to pry them apart to no avail. Bliss coughed and the fighting stopped everyone got back to his or her seats.
“Samathie change” called bliss
The door swung open so violently that valkryie thought it would leave a dent in the wall. A blond haired girl about Fletcher’s age walked in causally. She wore tight jeans and a sleeveless purple top she carried her long black coat over her arm. She was very muscular and carried her sword against her leg like tanith.
“Hi” she said “sorry for being late”       


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  2. I like how Valkyrie and Flethcer fight.^^

  3. thank you if anyone wants to be in the next one please comment your ocs

  4. One thing I would suggest is use capitals. Like Ghastly, Tanith, Fletcher, Valkyrie and others. And work on spelling.

    I like the plot, and the humour. :P Very funny.