Saturday, 2 July 2011

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Saturday, 21 May 2011

doctor who part 1

“Lets go to the North Pole,” said the Doctor, his eyes glinting in with unexplained glee.
“Why?” asked Amy perplexed “its so cold and theirs no life excepted for the polar bears” Amy shivered at the thought of how freezing it would get she started to wonder if this was the adventure where her toes finally fell off. She looked up to see the doctor running back up the stairs carrying two large fur coats. He jumped the last two and handed one to Amy. The fur was so amazingly soft she almost got lost in the silky warm pelt. The Tardis suddenly gave a stomach-rendering lurch and knocked her back to her senses.
“What was that?” said Amy warily
“Nothing” the Doctor called from over the other side of the tardis. “Just teething problems” Amy walked over to him as he pulled a knob that looked suspiciously like a gear lever, another stomach-rendering lurch later she found her self on the floor studying the Doctors very polished shoes as he, by some amazing feet, had managed to stay up right. “Come on” said the Doctor heaving Amy up from her position on the tardis floor. She was about to thank him but he was already prancing to the tardis door like a ballerina wearing a bear costume getting ready to compete in the grand nationals. Amy rolled her eyes and joined him at the door.
“Welcome to the north p…” the Doctor faltered for out side was not the freezing north but a tropical rainforest.
“Err…be with you in a sec” said the Doctor nipping in side his domain.

Looking round Amy saw this was no ordinary rainforest. The colors for one thing, usually in a rainforest you expected to find greens and maybe the odd colorful flower. But this was amazing it looked like a Childs painting pinks, blues, and greens, even some maroon. The beauty of it astounded her. And the smells to chocolate, mint and freshly mone grass. The sounds, beautiful and rhythmic bird song filled the air. That was when she heard it something singing a bewitching sound that over powered all her other senses. She found it impossible not to follow the entrancing chant.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

taster of new story

yes as you may have guessed i am starting a new fan fiction if you want to be in it can you please comment your OC below thanks.

Ebony sat on the roof staring up at the dark depressing sky. Ebony was a young girl of about 16 she ware, contrary to her age a tight black corset tied with a white ribbon at the back to make it even tighter her black and white Minnie skirt fanned out underneath her. And her samurai sword lay next to her black knee length boots with white laces.

She stretched her muscular arms and flicked her long blond hair out of her eyes. She picked up her finger less black glove (which had spikes on and also was her necromancer tool) and slowly slipped it on to her hand. She flexed her fingers picked up her samurai sword slotted it in to the scabbard on her back. She walked over to the edge. Ebony looked upon the ground beneath and sized up the distance she stepped back and suddenly ran forward jumping of the roof and in to the air. Half way down she created a cushion of shadow beneath her. It broke her fall landing gracefully she flicked her hand and immediately the shadows dispersed.

 A damp groggy street filled with dustbins and cats knocking them over greeted her. Only one shop looked inviting it was called ‘tea and cake’. Only then did ebony realize that she had not eaten for about two days she gowned but she resized the temptation she had a job to do and after that was the time for food and drink. after the assassination was time for food and drink. Ebony smiled it was along time since she had killed or maimed “I’m going to enjoy this” she thought.

Friday, 11 March 2011

story for school project (my best)

As you can see this story is for a school project. i hope the teacher likes it because if she does not *punches wall it falls down*. anyway on with the story:

Kallista closed her eyes and willed herself somewhere else. Morgan gave her a sharp tug to stop her teleporting and because he was bored. He was used to his captives struggling and screaming, but Kallista was boring him. He tightened his grip on her wrist for a bit of fun and she groaned, but still she did not scream. Wait, Morgan told himself, she would scream; soon, oh very soon.
         He roughly pushed her into the adjoining room. She could see very little by the flickering torch lights, but could just make out a long steel table, in the centre of which was a knife. It’s blade pierced into her mind and she willed it away. But even with her eyes closed she could still see the knife as though sneering at her from the table.
         Then Anais walked in, still carrying her crossbow. She walked confidently over to Kallista, close enough to see the fear on Kallista’s face .A faint smile played on her blood red lips and suddenly, without warning, she slapped Kallista on the cheek. Kallista  stayed in the position the slap had pushed her into. Her cheek reddened and stung. Anais had a powerful and well aimed slap. Anais sneered again and went to a corner of the dim room. Ready to watch whatever they would do to her. A moment later Lank entered and joined her in the dark corner.
         Then a single Moporg. Even in this gloom, his transparent skin revealing all his ghastly organs. He picked up the knife and smiled, holding the blade up in front of him, he giggled. The blade caught the torch light and shone into Kallistas eyes. She blinked, unable to use her hands to shield her eyes. Thankfully the Moporg twisted the knife in his hands and the quick gleam left.
         Immediately  the door swung open and Neros stood on the threshold, proud and resolute, totally aware of what he was about to do. He walked calmly over to the Moporg, took the knife and walked towards Kallista. Half way there he motioned to Morgon, who then took Kallista’s hand and held it in front of her, keeping it there. Terrified, Kallista struggled for the first time. She felt something sharp at her throat, it was a straight razor, that Morgan held there to keep her still. She dared not swallow, breathe even. Neros stopped before her and raised the knife bringing it down on her hand. She screamed as the blade pierced her skin. Blood was dripping from her hand onto the cold stone floor. She winced and tried not to let the pain consume her. Neros clicked his fingers and a glass jar was produced and placed under her still bleeding hand. The jar collected Kallista’s blood and was then placed reverentially upon the table. Morgan then replaced her hand behind her back and pulled her back into the shadows.
         Neros produced a dipping ink pen from his pocket and sat down, consumed with his task, on a steel chair at the table. Carefully and slowly, as  a conductor before an orchestra, he dipped the pen into the blood and began to draw a symbol onto the cold steel of the table. To Kallista it resembled a circle, with complicated lines running through it. Once he had finished, Neros rose from the chair and moved away from the symbol. Now he must wait. He stood there for what seemed an age to Kallista, but it was actually only ten minutes. Her hand was burning and still the blade was settled on her neck. She glanced again at the symbol. Now it was glowing and with each second more brightly. Neros still remained unmoving, waiting. The light became so intense that it was blinding. With one sudden movement from Neros the light went out.
         Now he will be all powerful, was the thought in the room. When her eyes grew accustomed to torch light again, Kallista saw Neros had moved back to the table. Neros placed his palm on top of the symbol and slowly a strange black light moved up his arm, through his body and swept down his legs. When the light reached his head and had consumed him he suddenly hunched over in pain. Terrible pain, Kallista thought, something was happening, something unplanned,  something bad. He gasped and screamed and twisted in agony, crying out for help. Nobody moved. Then there was silence.
         Out of the gloom, Kallista stared and the figure that had once been Neros slowly turned, he was transformed. She gasped in horror, for staring back at her was a monster. It’s skin was pitch black. It’s eyes white and void and yellow dagger like teeth hung low from it’s gaping mouth. The creature ripped at Neros’s neat clothes with it’s long talons and growled. With one bound it fled the room and disappeared into the dark night, the sound of it’s raging growl filing the air.
         It took a few moments for what had just happened to be taken in. Morgan was the first to awaken from his frozen posture. He signaled to Anais and Scape, who fled the room in search of the creature that had once been their master. Morgan released Kallista from the blade at her throat and led her off hurriedly to a cell. He didn’t stop to gloat, as he might have usually. Instead he locked her in and ran to catch up with the others. Where was his master?
         Kallista, finally alone in the cell, brought her knees up to her chin and let her eyes fill up with tears. How was she going to get out of this? 

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

skulduggery pleasant story 1

Skullduggery sat at the table along with ghastly, tanith, valkryie and Fletcher.
“So why are we hear” asked Fletcher
“Mr. bliss asked us to come” ghastly replied
“I know that but why?”
“If we knew Fletcher we would tell you but we don’t so shut up” valkryie shouted after that there was an eerie silence until.
“So where’s bliss then”
A bald man with pising blue eyes entered and the chatting sesed.
“I have called you all hear to tell you there will be a new edition to your team”
“What do you mean by ‘new edition?’” Fletcher enquired
“It means some on new will enter our team fleach”
“I know that but”
“Sorry carry on”
Bliss coughed and continued.
“Her name is samathie change”
“Samathie what kind of name is that”
“Your one to talk Fletcher your named after someone who makes arrows”
Bliss cleared his throat.
“May I continue”?
“Yes sorry” valkryie said and glared at Fletcher.
   “She is an adept she can change her shape” he paused “tanith may I speak with you alone”
“Ok” tanith said confused
She got up and he gestured to the adjoining room. She stepped in and waited for him he appeared at the doorway and continued.
“Tanith I have known you for a long time”
“Well I think you’re entitled to know”
She nodded
“You have a sister”
“Your sister is called” he paused “Samathie”
Tanith was stunned and tried to speak but no words came out.
“Lets go and meat her”
Bliss and tanith walked backed in to the main room to find skullduggery with his skull in his hands and valkryie and Fletcher sprawled on the floor fighting ghastly was trying to pry them apart to no avail. Bliss coughed and the fighting stopped everyone got back to his or her seats.
“Samathie change” called bliss
The door swung open so violently that valkryie thought it would leave a dent in the wall. A blond haired girl about Fletcher’s age walked in causally. She wore tight jeans and a sleeveless purple top she carried her long black coat over her arm. She was very muscular and carried her sword against her leg like tanith.
“Hi” she said “sorry for being late”       

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