Saturday, 12 March 2011

taster of new story

yes as you may have guessed i am starting a new fan fiction if you want to be in it can you please comment your OC below thanks.

Ebony sat on the roof staring up at the dark depressing sky. Ebony was a young girl of about 16 she ware, contrary to her age a tight black corset tied with a white ribbon at the back to make it even tighter her black and white Minnie skirt fanned out underneath her. And her samurai sword lay next to her black knee length boots with white laces.

She stretched her muscular arms and flicked her long blond hair out of her eyes. She picked up her finger less black glove (which had spikes on and also was her necromancer tool) and slowly slipped it on to her hand. She flexed her fingers picked up her samurai sword slotted it in to the scabbard on her back. She walked over to the edge. Ebony looked upon the ground beneath and sized up the distance she stepped back and suddenly ran forward jumping of the roof and in to the air. Half way down she created a cushion of shadow beneath her. It broke her fall landing gracefully she flicked her hand and immediately the shadows dispersed.

 A damp groggy street filled with dustbins and cats knocking them over greeted her. Only one shop looked inviting it was called ‘tea and cake’. Only then did ebony realize that she had not eaten for about two days she gowned but she resized the temptation she had a job to do and after that was the time for food and drink. after the assassination was time for food and drink. Ebony smiled it was along time since she had killed or maimed “I’m going to enjoy this” she thought.


  1. Name: Aguila Felis
    Age: 18,looks like 18
    Description: Long, brown hair, brown eyes, 1,65m
    Clothes: Normal
    Gender: Female
    Magic: shape-shifter (into cat, eagle and fox), some weak elemental magic
    Favourite weapons: bow and arrow, sword, science+elemental magic
    Character: friendly, pacific, sometimes pigheaded
    History: discovered her abilities accidentally and trained herself in secret without knowing about the magic things existing
    Job: pupil
    Likes: archery, reading, chocolate, biology lessons, peace and calm, animals an small children
    Dislikes: noise, conflicts, crimes, horror literature and movies, being afraid, having a bad consciens