Saturday, 21 May 2011

doctor who part 1

“Lets go to the North Pole,” said the Doctor, his eyes glinting in with unexplained glee.
“Why?” asked Amy perplexed “its so cold and theirs no life excepted for the polar bears” Amy shivered at the thought of how freezing it would get she started to wonder if this was the adventure where her toes finally fell off. She looked up to see the doctor running back up the stairs carrying two large fur coats. He jumped the last two and handed one to Amy. The fur was so amazingly soft she almost got lost in the silky warm pelt. The Tardis suddenly gave a stomach-rendering lurch and knocked her back to her senses.
“What was that?” said Amy warily
“Nothing” the Doctor called from over the other side of the tardis. “Just teething problems” Amy walked over to him as he pulled a knob that looked suspiciously like a gear lever, another stomach-rendering lurch later she found her self on the floor studying the Doctors very polished shoes as he, by some amazing feet, had managed to stay up right. “Come on” said the Doctor heaving Amy up from her position on the tardis floor. She was about to thank him but he was already prancing to the tardis door like a ballerina wearing a bear costume getting ready to compete in the grand nationals. Amy rolled her eyes and joined him at the door.
“Welcome to the north p…” the Doctor faltered for out side was not the freezing north but a tropical rainforest.
“Err…be with you in a sec” said the Doctor nipping in side his domain.

Looking round Amy saw this was no ordinary rainforest. The colors for one thing, usually in a rainforest you expected to find greens and maybe the odd colorful flower. But this was amazing it looked like a Childs painting pinks, blues, and greens, even some maroon. The beauty of it astounded her. And the smells to chocolate, mint and freshly mone grass. The sounds, beautiful and rhythmic bird song filled the air. That was when she heard it something singing a bewitching sound that over powered all her other senses. She found it impossible not to follow the entrancing chant.

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